Horse racing in Salt Lake?  Never thought of it?  Well there's rising interest in a major facility and in our continuing effort to bring major league sports to the ever growing population in the metro Salt Lake City area we will be covering some of the country's  finest thoroughbred horse tracks and Polo fields to bring the action home and explore options here in Utah.  We'll start with the crown jewel at Saratoga Springs, NY.

Major League Baseball in Salt Lake CIty?  Think it can't happen, well think again.  Let   FNA show you all the action and excitement from the front row at some of the leading big league ballparks.  This is not Larry Miller's AAA ball, it's the real thing and that can be a whole new ballgame!

FNA exclusive developing story; Utah athletes who have made it to the big leagues!  FNA follows Utah collegians who are pursuing the ultimate sports dream; making it to the pinnacle of professional sports.  Get up close and personal with players from the Indianapolis Colts and Green Bay Packers and find out how their NFL professional football careers match up with their dreams and aspirations.  Check back to see how Utahns are making it in the highly competitive world of professional sports!

==================== Acknowledgements and Accolades =====================

Thanks to Linda Jager at the Utah Winter Olympic Parks ( for a great World Cup Short Track event in Kearns, Utah.  The skating was exciting, the crowds huge and the event very well organized and run.  See some photo's in our photo gallery!

Establishment of a Utah Inland Space Port Seen as Prime Location for Launching National Security Satellites - redux of story which first broke in 1970.  This story, which contiues to develop, seeks to examine the role of governor Huntsman as well as the posture of the Department of Economic Development in the promotion of this important opportunity for the State.