FNA News was formed in 1980 in Salt Lake City, Utah and has been responsible for bringing many stories to the front page of attention in the Salt Lake City metro area as well as the nation and beyond.  Currently, Richard N. Goldberger serves as the Managing Edtor.  Mr. Goldberger has been active in the Salt Lake City news scene for over two decades.  Previously, Mr. Goldberger founded the Salt Flat News periodical which was created in 1970.  During his time covering stories of local, national, and international interest Mr. Goldberger has been responsible for many significant pieces including the following:

"What's Leaking at the US Army Depot in Tooele Utah", an exclusive, as appeared in the Deseret News
"Outdoor Anthrax Contamination at the Dugway Proving Grounds", an exclusive, as appeared in the Deseret News
"The Secret Kashoggi Guam Papers", an exclusive, as appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune
"The Trial and Tribulations of the Last Matron of Bingham Canyon, Utah" as appeared in the Wall Street Journal
"The Gold Convertible Ruble and the Creation of the Russian Federal Reserve" based on an exclusive interview with then General Brent Scrowcroft  serving as National Security Advisor to the President as filed with the Wall Street Journal
"All About Summer", a criminal case study of multiple personality disorder as filed with the Associated Press
"A Kentucky Con", a real estate scam involving Utah real estate, an exclusive filed with the Utah Ogden Standard Examiner
"Israel Rejects AWACS Aircraft" based on an exclusive interview with Utah Senator Orem Hatch as published by the Associated Press

In addition to Richard Goldberger the following hold positions at FNA:

Matthew A. D'Alessandro serves as the Photography Bureau Chief.  Matthew has been a photographer for nearly thirty years and has covered a wide variety of news,  entertainment, and sports events.  Mr. D'Alessandro is a member of the nationally and internationally recognized SportsShooter (www.sportsshooter.com) organization.

Matthew has captured images of a wide variety of entertainers including Sheryl Crow, Roger Daltry, KISS, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Arlo Guthrie, CCR, Collective Soul, Eddie Money, The Guess Who, The Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, The Beach Boys, Bela Fleck, bassist of the year Victor Wooten, Chuck Negron formerly of Three Dog Night and Foreigner.  Some recent sports assignments include the 2008 Major League Soccer Playoffs, 2008 NCAA Junior College Football Championship, 2008 season Major League Baseball games involving the Kansas City Royals, Seattle Mariners and Chicago White Sox and the 2008 Major League Baseball Spring Training Season.  Mr. D'Alessandro also covered the 2007 Champion N.Y. Giants National Football League Training Camp as well as the 2008 Utah High School Football Championships and 2008 USA Rugby.  He has captured images of several years of U.S. Open Tennis, the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, the 2001 Salt Lake City Olympic trials and the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, as well as the US Women's Olympic Hockey and Volleyball teams. 

Mr. D'Alessandro has also covered the New York City Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Philadelphia Mummers Parade as well as several political figures including FBI Director Richard Mueller, US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Homeland Security Director Chertoff, Miami Chief of Police John F. Timoney, and four star US General Barry McCaffrey.

Cindy Richie serves as FNA's Society Editor as well as acting Travel Editor.  Cindy covers important social events as well as offering critiques of the national fashion scene.

Larry Long is FNA's Legal Affairs Editor and is a practicing attorney in the Salt Lake City region.  His area of expertise is criminal litigation and he covers issues related to various facets of the legal system.

Marlon U. Stones holds the position of FNA's Technology Editor.  Marlon's expertise is in covering information technology, software development and Web site trends.

Connie Levy is the FNA L.A. Bureau Chief and the Medical Health Editor.  Ms. Levy holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Kinesiology.  Connie covers issues related to diet and exercise trends.

FNA News Contact Information:                                                                                                         P.O. Box 11999                                                                                                                                 Salt Lake City, Utah 84147-0999                                                                                               Office of the Managing Editor: 801-355-3336                                                                                E-Mail: richard@fnanews.com        matt@fnanews.com